When disaster strikes, it’s easy to get caught in the chaos and evacuate your home without thinking twice- which can sometimes mean leaving your pet behind or without the proper supplies that they need to ensure their safety.

So how do you ensure that your pet is going to be by your side, rain or shine?

Practice a Plan:


It’s never fun to think about what could happen in an emergency, but having an outline of the necessary steps to take and supplies needed can vastly aid in the safety of your furry companions. Provide friends, family and even neighbors with a list of instructions and/or medical information in the event that pets are left with them.

Microchip Your Pet:


Ensure that all pets are implanted with an RFID microchip, a permanent form of identification. Register their microchip with our 24PetWatch Lost Pet Recovery Database and keep your contact information up-to-date so you can be reunited with your pet’s finder in the event of a separation.

Talk About It:


While this may seem like the most obvious tip on this list, it’s one of the hardest to do! Make sure the members of your household understand the role they play in your pets emergency plan.

Assemble Your Kit:


Keep a duffle bag or backpack with things your pet would need in case of evacuation. Things like food, water and medication (and instructions) should be kept here, as well as copies of medical records, first aid materials, and familiar items such as blankets or toys that can help your pet feel more comfortable.